Current Projects

In order to enhance the historic character of the Zone, the TIRZ has several ongoing projects:

Historic Street Lights

The TIRZ  has completed 3 of 4 phases of replacing the standard City of Houston street lights with decorative brackets and decorative luminaires.  These new street lights are consistent with the Zone’s historic character and respect this history of the Old Sixth Ward.

Street Signs

The TIRZ is working on straightening and resurfacing the street signs within the Zone to provide more consistent and coherent signage.

Centerpoint Poles

The TIRZ is working with Centerpoint in an effort to straighten power poles within the TIRZ.

Sewer Lines (Public)

The TIRZ has spent over $2.3 million to rehabilitate sewer lines within the Zone.  Although it is not a high profile activity, reliable sewer service is essential for the convenience of the Zone residents.

Sewer Lines (Private)

The TIRZ has partnered with the City of Houston Public Works Department to rehabilitate a large number of common, private sewer lines within the Zone.  These common lines were a source of frustration to many Zone residents and this projected has given residents the opportunity to obtain a new sewer line connecting each residence to a public line within the public right of way.

Sabine Street

The TIRZ is working with its engineers to rehabilitate Sabine Street in the near future.  Sabine Street is one of the very few remaining brick streets in Houston , and has experienced much wear and tear over the years. The plan is to repair existing potholes and prepare a new foundation to return it to its original condition.

Sawyer Street

The TIRZ is working with Asakura Robinson to develop a “Complete Street” design for Sawyer Street between Washington Avenue and Crockett Street.

Sawyer Park/The Park for Humans and Dogs

The TIRZ is working with its architects and engineers on the design of a new park that will located on the west side of Sawyer Street, south of Washington Ave. The park will accommodate both dog-owners and pedestrians with greenspace and added art elements.

Dow Middle School Park

The TIRZ is working with the City of Houston Parks Department to redesign the park located adjacent to MECA at White between Kane and Lubbock Streets.

Affordable Housing
Per an agreement with the City, 1/3 of the TIRZ’s revenue is returned to the City to aid the City’s Houston Hope initiative.  The Land Assemblage Redevelopment Authority (LARA) is working with experienced builders and community development corporations to build new affordable homes.