Past Projects

In order to enhance the historic character of the Zone, the TIRZ has completed the following projects:

Concrete Street Signs

The TIRZ replaced historic concrete street signs within the residential area of the Zone with historically accurate replacement signs.  The TIRZ was the first entity in Houston to undertake this type of project.


The TIRZ has installed historically appropriate brick/paver sidewalks within the residential area of Zone in a manner consistent with the few original sidewalks that still exist in the Zone. Click here to see before and after photos from the project, and the significant difference these sidewalks have made in the character of the neighborhood.

Monument Signs

Monument Sign

Monument Sign

The TIRZ partnered with Gensler to develop historically appropriate street signs to identify the historic area of the Old Sixth Ward.

Washington Avenue Livable Centers Study

The TIRZ was a partner with BetterHouston for the advisory board in connection with the Washington Avenue Livable Centers Study.  The purpose of the Livable Centers Study is to apply the goals of a “livable center” to a specified area through planning studies and implementation projects. A “livable center” is a walkable, mixed-use place that provides multimodal transportation options, improves environmental quality, and promotes economic development.  A link to the Washington Avenue Livable Centers Study is here.

Memorial Silver Park

The TIRZ contributed donations to the construct the new park located between North Memorial Way and Memorial Drive.


The TIRZ has planted a number of trees around the Zone, including trees along the north and south sides of Union Street.  The TIRZ has engaged Trees for Houston for watering services in connection with these new trees.