Governance Policy

TIRZ 13/Old Sixth Ward Redevelopment Authority is seeking input on its draft Governance Policy.  Please provide all comments and suggestions to no later than February 2, 2020.  All comments will be compiled and reviewed by the board at the next board meeting, currently scheduled for February 19th, 2020 at 5:30 pm.

TIRZ 13 – Old Sixth Ward Redevelopment Authority Draft Governance Guidelines

Dow Elementary Park Update

Dow Elementary Park is nearing completion. We have high hopes that it can open this weekend, although there will be several small items still left to be completed. The City of Houston Park’s Department has the final say on the opening of the park. If the park closed signs have been removed and the gates are not locked you are free to use the park. We expect to have an “official” ribbon cutting in January.

Park for Humans and Dogs Temporary Closures December 11th-13th

24Eleven is is being painted and they will need to close the park on December 11th to complete that side of the building.  Note:  This schedule could change due to weather.

In addition, New grass will be planted in the “on leash” area on December 12th.That area is in dire need for new grass,  many spots with no grass. The areas where the new grass is being planted will be staked to help the grass grow in fast and healthy. The stakes will be  removed once the grass is established. Note:  This schedule could change due to weather.

Dow Elementary Park Update

Work on the Dow Elementary Park improvements is continuing. It often looks confusing because of the confined space. The construction can be complicated and sometimes it is necessary to move dirt and equipment around so that drains can be installed, forms created for concrete pads and sidewalks and other equipment can be set up . On August 30th the neighborhood participated in the creation of steppingstones for the park. Many of neighborhood families and pets were able to help us personalize the steppingstones with their handprints and initials. In the next month, you should see big changes in the park as the contractor makes progress on the fireplace and grills, refurbished basketball court and play equipment and new bike racks and benches. Luckily several people had their phones at the event on August 30th and have shared some pictures.


Dow Elementary Park Update photos_Page_2Dow Elementary Park Update photos_Page_3Dow Elementary Park Update photos_Page_4Dow Elementary Park Update photos_Page_1

Dow Elementary Park Neighborhood Opportunity

We have an opportunity to personalize Dow Elementary Park. Millis, the construction contractor for the park improvements, will be pouring the colored concrete this week. They will have stepping stones ready next Friday 8/30 from 4:00 – 6:00 pm for any local residents, children and pets to come by and put their handprints in them. Come by, bring the kids and the pets and lets help to make the park even more special!

Dow School Park Update: June 21, 2019

I’m sure most of you have noticed work on the Dow School Park has started. Most of the demolition is complete and several items have been released for fabrication. Underground utility drainage work has begun, and grading work will begin soon. Material and color selections were reviewed, and additional samples have been requested.

Working on a site with lots of history provides an opportunity for discovery—so far, the construction team has found an underground brick structure with a manhole. This is abandoned and filled with dirt and will be added to the as-built drawings so work installed in the future will be conducted with an awareness of the item.

We’ll be keeping you up to date at least once a month, and letting you know if we find any interesting artifacts.

Please contact us with any questions at