Old Sixth Ward Historic District Map

Old Sixth Ward Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone 13 Boundary Map

Ward Boundaries

There has been some discussion over the current location of the boundaries between the Wards.  To facilitate this discussion, the TIRZ commissioned the Zone Engineer, Edminster, Hinshaw, and Russ, to use the original Ward Boundary Map from 1920 and overlay it onto a 2013 aerial of this portion of Houston using Google Earth.

  • To see the 1920 Ward Map, click the following link: 1920 Wards Map
  • To see the current aerial, please click the following link: Ward Exhibit 1
  • To see an enlarged version of the aerial containing only the boundaries of the Old Sixth Ward, please click the following link: Ward Exhibit 2  

TIRZ Boundaries

TIRZ 13 Street Map

TIRZ 13 Census Tract Map


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