The phrase “TIRZ” stands for Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone. TIRZ 13 roughly contains the boundaries of Houston’s historic Old Sixth Ward. On December 22, 1998, at the request of the Old Sixth Ward Neighborhood Association and property-owner petitioners, Houston City Council enacted ordinance 98-1256 creating TIRZ 13 covering approximately 94 acres of land located immediately West of downtown Houston. The purpose of TIRZ 13 is to advance the improvement of the historic Old Sixth Ward neighborhood and to encourage the development of affordable and market-rate residential housing projects by financing public improvement projects.

TIRZ 13 is overseen by a nine-member governing board of directors consisting of five city appointees, one school district appointee, one county appointee, a representative of the area’s state senator, Sylvia Garcia, Texas Senate District 6, and state representative, Garnet F. Coleman, Texas House District 147.

The Board meets on the 2nd Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. on an as-needed basis. Please check the website for the notices of the meetings.

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